Note that we have provided this tentative list assuming that you will pack light and will do some hand washing during the course.

List of things to bring: Notes
Baggage limits for United Airlines:
Checked bag: Max. weight per bag: 23kg (50lb) Max. linear dimensions per bag (length X width X depth: 158 cm (62in)
Overweight bag: $100 CAD/USD (per direction, plus taxes*) for bags between 23-32kg (50-70lb)
Oversized bag: $100 CAD/USD (per direction, plus taxes*) for bags between 158-292cm (63-115in) If a bag is both overweight and oversized, the $100 fee is charged only once.
Carry-on bag: The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm), including handles and wheels.
Personal item: The maximum dimensions for your personal item, such as a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or other small item, 16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm).
All liquids > 100 mL should be bagged and packed in your checked baggage. For carry on make sure that bottles are 100 mL or less in volume and bagged. Be sure to pack jack knives and other such items in your checked baggage. All lithium rechargeable batteries must be in your carry on.
Please pack reasonably light as we will may each of you to carry a modest amount of field equipment in your checked bag. You will have to hand wash clothes every few days.
Socks (-65 pairs)
Underwear (5-6 pairs)
Long pants (2 pairs) Light weight fast drying pants are preferable.
Shorts (one or two pairs)
Swim suit
t-shirts (4-5)
long-sleeved shirts (2-3) Light weight
sweater or coat The temperature should be very pleasant but please note that we will be travelling in February in Canada so you will need something for our trip from Kingston to Toronto. Layers allow you to do this.
rain jacket In the unlikely event of rain (might be useful too if we take a boat ride as we hope to)
hiking boots/walking shoes
hat (large brim)
Toiletries etc.
prescription drugs Always bring in original packaging, and bring enough for > 2
weeks just in case.
Immodium Drug to combat diarrhea
Other medicines e.g. aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen, Gravol, Benadryl etc.
hand sanitizer
bug spray Especially important now that parts of Mexico have zika like the Yucatan
sunscreen (high SPF please)
antiperspirant you will sweat!
toothbrush & paste
soap and shampoo use small containers for shampoo and other such liquid toiletries.
other toiletries shaving razor, foot powder etc.
Sleeping bag Bag good to zero degrees is useful. Bedding will be provided at Las Joyas but but nights can be cld.
Day pack A small backpack or satchel for carrying around water, field book, field guides etc. Use this for your carry-on.
Large bag or pack See baggage restrictions above. Before checking your bags be sure to tie all straps so that they do not become trapped in the conveyer belts.
Binoculars (if possible) 8 X 40 or 10 X 50s We will have a chance to see many birds and lizards etc. and binoculars will failitate this.
Country guide book? You may wish to purchase one of the myriad guide books so
that you may read up on the Jalisco and Colima. I suggest Lonely Planet. This really not necessary but may be of interest to you.
Field guides? You may wish to purchase a persona field guide to birds, although we will bring some copies so that we can share. E.g. Birds of Mexico and Central America by Van Perlo or a Guide to the Birds of Mexico and North central America by Howell.
Guides to other taxa generally are not available for this region.
Spanish phrase book? We will provide you with a pdf of common words and phrases
that you can print off and take if you wish.
Headlamp We will do some night time work – so this is imperative. We would suggest that you get a headlamp that illuminates well.
Water bottle 1 Litre capacity preferred. This is important although in a pinch
we can simply use a local plastic water bottle.
Sewing kit Not mandatory but useful
Camera Bring sufficent media for two weeks (i.e. SD cards etc) as it may be difficult to get extra when we are in the field. You will be able to recharge batteries.
Field book Please buy a field book from either from a campus book store (compact White red and Blue Sokkia) or a Rite in the Rain book from MEC or Trailhead or other such supplier.)
HB Pencils and a pen or two Pencils are for your field books (prefered to ink which runs in humid weather).
School course materials For your course back at Queen’s University you may wish to bring a text or readings or assignments so that you keep abreast of course work back home.
Passport Make sure that you leave a copy of your passport with your parents or someone else you trust. We would also like you to send us a scan of it in case you lose or damage the hard copy. Our copies will be shredded after the trip.
Cash One to two hundred dollars in US currency (or better still in Mexican pesos). On a few occasions you may have an opportunity to explore a town and purchase your own meal, and you may wish to have money to buy a few souvenirs
Contact & Health Information This is information that we will solicit – but you should have copy of all emergency numbers (parents, guardians, partners).